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50th Anniversary Merchandise

There is a wide variety of 50th Anniversary merchandise available to purchase at numerous locations throughout Wapakoneta. 

Currently 50th Anniversary branded  items are available for purchase at: 


Riverside Art Center                     3 W Auglaize Street, Wapakoneta            419-738-2352

Casa Chic                                 104 W Auglaize Street, Wapakoneta        419-738-2298


Armstrong Air & Space Museum     500 Apollo Drive,  Wapakoneta               419-738-8811

Moon Florist                               13 W Auglaize St, Wapakoneta               419-738-8176

WISH Children's Boutique             28 E. Auglaize St,  Wapakoneta               567-204-8575 

Haehn Florist                              410 Hamilton Rd, Wapakoneta,                419-738-8485

Village Green Garden Center        902 S Blackhoof St, Wapakoneta              419-738-2424    

Image Masters                            29 E Auglaize St, Wapakoneta                 419-738-5679

Auglaize Embroidery                    4 N Wood St, Wapakoneta                     419-738-6979

Moon City Events Center              1208  Lunar Drive, Wapakoneta 



                                                Limited Edition

                                                50th Anniversary                                                  Commemorative Coins 
There is a very limited number of the silver 50th Anniversary Commemorative coins still available for purchase. Only 500 were created and if you want one of these beautiful coins you should not delay. They make wonderful gifts and serve as a great memento for this important anniversary. 
They are available for purchase at:
Wapakoneta Daily News---419-738-2128, Casa Chic---419-738-2298, Riverside Art Center---419-738-8811 and Armstrong Air and Space Museum–-419-738-2352.  
You may want to call ahead as the supply is very limited. 

Order Online

A wide variety of other clothing items bearing the 2019 Celebration logo in various styles, fabrics, and colors is now available from our online store.    Click here to check it out, for yourself and for great holiday gifts.

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