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Will it play in Peoria? (Wapakoneta)

Updated: Oct 4, 2018

In just a week, the local preview screening of the movie First Man will take place at the historic Wapa Theater in Neil Armstrong's hometown of Wapakoneta, Ohio.

The anticipation for this new film is very high throughout the community.

Armstrong is admired around the world, but probably nowhere as much as in this small town. We've all heard the phrase "local boy makes good" well how about "local boy makes good and is the first person to walk on the moon"? There is a protective feeling here for this man who accomplished incredible things but did not wish to "cash in" on his celebrity. Some of the people who will be attending the preview knew or met Mr. Armstrong, many knew his family and all will be wanting to see how he and the Apollo 11 Mission are portrayed on the big screen.

The movie has gotten some early rave reviews. If it is a hit in America's heartland and Wapakoneta, Ohio its bound to capture the hearts and imagination of movie goers across the world. Fingers crossed.

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